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When people venture into medical facilities, they’re often scared and uncertain. They come to address a problem for themselves or a family member. They’re looking for reassurance, in the form of a friendly face, a professional environment and a clean setting. It would be impossible to feel at ease at a medical facility that showed the slightest traces of dirt, prompting worries of infection or incompetence or worse.

Make a great impression by employing a medical cleaning company that has offered janitorial services for healthcare facilities for years. Turn to SWAT Team of Michigan

Few cleaning services are qualified to properly service medical facilities. At SWAT Team of Michigan our janitorial services staff has experience cleaning medical facilities—and we’ll put that experience to work for you! When it comes to keeping your patients healthy and preventing the spread of disease, disinfection is key.

Choosing the Most Qualified Medical Office Cleaning Service

Our cleaning company staff goes the extra mile to make sure your facility is thoroughly disinfected, and compliant with all health codes. So, what does our commercial property cleaning program for medical facilities include?

  • Working closely with your staff to make sure your company’s individual needs are met. Each medical office is unique and requires different janitorial services. Our experts help determine which ones are right for your company.

  • Using only those cleaning chemicals approved for your facility, ensuring compliance with health codes.

  • A code-compliant waste disposal program tailored to your business. One of the duties undertaken by a commercial cleaning company for a healthcare facility is finding out what this entails and carrying it out regularly so your staff can concentrate their efforts on helping people and keeping them healthy.

But our impressive array of services doesn’t stop there. We make sure your facility gives the right impression—inside and out! When you work with SWAT Team of Michigan for your facility, our goal is a visually clean and sanitary environment, every time.

Why Pick Our Janitorial Services for Medical Facilities Over Our Competitors?

Many of our clients have used other commercial cleaning services in the past. They found these places didn’t respond quickly to their needs or piled on unnecessary costs, such as placement fees. You won’t find this from SWAT Team of Michigan Our company has earned Certification, which testifies to our commitment to customer service. Only the most dedicated of companies can pass the test to receive this recognition, and we strive every day to uphold the principles laid out in the certification.

We are so serious about our commitment to providing the best janitorial services for hospitals and other medical facilities that we offer our contracts on a month-to-month basis. This way we must re-earn your trust every month. We never stop working to keep you happy. In addition to our monthly services, we also contract for other events that may come up at your facility, such as community flu shots.

Are you sick of worrying about whether your healthcare facility is clean enough to pass muster with patients? Stop concerning yourself with your appearance, and let us ease your worries. When you hire SWAT Team of Michigan, you get a company dedicated to putting your patients first and giving them a place where they can feel comfortable and at ease.

Customize Your Service

At SWAT Team of Michigan., we are dedicated to creating a customized cleaning experience that meets your needs without charging you for excess services you don’t require. When we provide commercial cleaning services for your auto showroom, we’ll take into account factors such as your facility’s unique size, layout, and other needs to deliver facility cleaning and building maintenance that will enhance the value and appeal of your business.

  1. The size of your facility and the materials it features play an important role in determining the right cleaning products and schedule for your needs. We’ll make sure each product and technique we use is targeted toward dirt removal and the protection of your property.
  2. We offer green cleaning options and eco-friendly products to protect your local environment and create a healthier indoor space for your employees and clients.
  3. Our cleaning professionals can provide any service you need, from window washing and repair bay or garage care to carpet and upholstery cleaning and maintenance. Taking care of all your business’ spaces will offer your clients a seamless experience during every part of the auto sales and maintenance process.

If you’d like to find out more about how SWAT Team of Michigan, can help you manage your auto dealership, educational facility, or office space, please call 877-875-1007 to receive a free customized estimate for commercial cleaning services in Michigan.

Professional Local Services

Our cleaning services cover every part of your life, so it doesn’t just look clean—it feels clean!







“It’s great to have people who are reliable & professional. That’s what the whole company structure of SWAT Team of Michigan is based on: ‘We care, & if there’s a problem, we want to know about it.'”

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