From marble cleaning and restoration to office cleaning, SWAT Team of Michigan provides a wide range of essential commercial property cleaning services to customers in Michigan. We have been providing the community with exceptional services for more than a decade, and we pride ourselves on our ability to get each job finished quickly and thoroughly. SWAT Team of Michigan is the only cleaning company in Michigan belonging to the swat.network, which means that our services have been determined to meet the highest standards. When you work with a business certified with the SWAT.NETWORK, you can count on receiving high-quality services from a trustworthy provider.

What Does Being A Member of the SWAT.NETWORK Mean?

SWAT.NETWORK a controlled network that works with specially chosen representatives locally; which allows consumers to patronize only the best companies in their area. In contrast with many online services sites, which feature anonymous and often unreliable ratings, SWAT.NETWORK screens each representative based on real and solid propensity for success. In order to qualify as SWAT.NETWORK representative, they must meet a number of criteria.

After the representative applies to be part of the SWAT.NETWORK, a sampling of the representatives references will be taken, and these will be surveyed on a confidential basis. Targets are asked to rate their interaction with the representative on a scale of 1-10 and are also asked a number of questions about the representatives performance. Only Reps that score a total rating of 90 or higher will qualify as members of the SWAT.NETWORK .

SWAT.NETWORK will make sure that the representative adheres to legal and acceptable business practices. In order to qualify, a representative must be properly insured and credentialed, and must have a good working relationship with its customers. The representative must also agree to abide by the SWAT.NETWORK "Customer Satisfaction Principles."

Even after becoming a member, SWAT.NETWORK will continue to monitor the representative to ensure that it maintains its highest standards. Periodic customer surveys will be conducted, and a SWAT.NETWORK Certified mediator will be available to resolve disagreements between the company and its customers.

Whatever your residential, commercial, or janitorial needs may be, SWAT Team of Michigan is fully equipped to meet them. We are Michigan Certified company, and we offer all of the resources you need to ensure that your facilities stay clean. If you are looking for additional information about our services, contact us today at (877) 861-1007.

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