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At SWAT Team of Michigan, every customer is important to us. After 10 years and clients of every kind, we pride ourselves on our experience and flexibility. No other cleaning company can match our capabilities or dedication; we are a proven industry leader in all facets of residential property cleaning and business office cleaning. Our professional green cleaning services and pressure washing are just a few of the other services we offer to improve your business.

Whether it takes one person one hour a week, or teams of people seven days a week, SWAT Team of Michigan can customize a janitorial services plan that satisfies both your cleaning and financial needs. Our clients are the reason we’re here, and we look forward to working with you.

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Our cleaning services cover every part of your life, so it doesn’t just look clean—it feels clean!







Customize Your Service

At SWAT Team of Michigan., we are dedicated to creating a customized cleaning experience that meets your needs without charging you for excess services you don’t require. When we provide commercial cleaning services for your auto showroom, we’ll take into account factors such as your facility’s unique size, layout, and other needs to deliver facility cleaning and building maintenance that will enhance the value and appeal of your business.

  1. The size of your facility and the materials it features play an important role in determining the right cleaning products and schedule for your needs. We’ll make sure each product and technique we use is targeted toward dirt removal and the protection of your property.
  2. We offer green cleaning options and eco-friendly products to protect your local environment and create a healthier indoor space for your employees and clients.
  3. Our cleaning professionals can provide any service you need, from window washing and repair bay or garage care to carpet and upholstery cleaning and maintenance. Taking care of all your business’ spaces will offer your clients a seamless experience during every part of the auto sales and maintenance process.

If you’d like to find out more about how SWAT Team of Michigan, can help you manage your auto dealership, educational facility, or office space, please call (800) 203-5416 to receive a free customized estimate for commercial cleaning services in Michigan.

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